Chinese PLA Navy

Chinese PLA Navy : A Resolute Force for Maintaining World Peace. (c) 2015

The NAVY, a strategic branch of the PLA was founded on April 23, 1949. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Chinese government have attached great importance to development of the Navy. Under the strong leadership of the CCP Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, the Navy has progressed along with the advanced of the nation. With the rapid elevation of the overall nation strengths of China, the Navy has been making great strides in its development. Today, the PLA Navy has developed into strategic, comprehensive and international force with both nuclear and conventional capabilities. It is composed of the submarine, surface ship, aviation, Marine Corps, and shore defense wings. It has become an important strategic tool for maintaining state sovereignty, national dignity, state security and development interests and a resolute force for maintaining world peace.

Currently, the PLA Navy has 235,000 officers and personnel. It has 3 fleets, namely The North Sea Fleet, The East Sea Fleet and The South Sea Fleet. Each fleet consists of fleet aviation, bases, flotillas, maritime garrison command, aviation divisions, and Marine Corps Brigade.

The PLA Navy follow the military strategy of active defense and engages in active defense at sea in line with the strategic requirements of offshore defense. Its mandate involves seven (7) key missions:

  1. Maintaining  state unity and territorial integrity
  2. Withstanding military invasion from the sea
  3. Defending sovereignty of islands and territorial waters and maritime interest of the state
  4. Protecting maritime traffic lines and supporting maritime economic development
  5. Safeguarding maritime production and personnel
  6. Maintaining overseas rights and interests of the state, citizens and overseas compatriots
  7. Maintaining regional and world peace


Regular Readiness Patrol

The PLA Navy focuses on maintaining state territorial sovereignty and maritime interests and this requires constantly being on alert and thus needs readiness practice.


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