12 hours playing at grand opening Kuningan City, The Playground for Urban Living

Kuningan City 12 Iconography
Kuningan City 12 Iconography

Kuningan City is established and open for public since last December 2011. In the year 2012, Kuningan City as an iconic venue to shop,work,dine, rest and play held a grand opening of the mall.

The event titled Lifestyle Playground that deploy for 12 hours nonstop, start from 3 pm to 3 am at 12 Dec 2012. Public Customers, Local and International VIP guests and also media are invited.  The event are divided into 3 group of festivity. Group 1, start at 3 pm to 7 pm is open for public. At these period some public customers can interact with tenant by Interactive Games such as K Code Game, Digital Game Arcade and Stores Hopping, whereas customers are invited to signed up the games and get  a chance to win Kuningan City gift voucher with total prize up to Rp. 50 million. The celebration for public continues by local band performances; a collaboration Ran & Soulvie in Project 9 and Maliq & D’Essentials at 4pm to 7 pm.

Group 2, start at 7pm to 9pm is highly dedicated to local and international VIP guests of Agung Podomoro Lan Business partner. These are main course of these event. Very Y Setiady, as executive director Kuningan City, officially open the Kuningan City.

Indah Kalalo

The Party are beat up after the grand opening ceremony. Group 3, start from 9pm to 3am with performing Dewi Sandra, a beautiful diva followed by international performance from the winner ” So You Think You Can Dance” House of Lady Gaga from Australia. DJ Anton Wirjono and Dj Hizkia (Dragonfly) make the party more spinning.

There is not a real party of Mall at least a fashion show. Fashion Night Out at Fashion TV Lounge, featuring 6 local talented designers ; Barli Asmara, Denny Wirawan, Didiet Maulana, Mel Ahyar, Priyo Oktaviano and Sally Koeswanto. fashion Night also presenting a fashion showcase from Kuningan City tenants such as Stardivarious, Tommy Hilifinger, etc.

At these special moment, Kuningan City also open a Fashon and Lifestyle Pop Up store at The Meet Market. These are a bazaar concept which open from 12am to 12pm.

Within these event, Kuningan City officially lounch their 12 Ambassadors titled Kuningan City 12 Ikonography. Ikonography consist 12 talented urban icons that represent your profesionals from diverse industry; Alexnadra Asmasoebrata, Anton Wirjono, Aston Utan, Didiet Maulana, Fitria Yusuf, Iwet Ramadhan, Jaclyn Halim, Leonard Theosabrata, marsha Timothy, Nicoline Patricia Malina, Paula Verhoven and Tex Saverio.

Kuningan City has it different target market and concept of urban living. It’s one of the strengths among emerging malls in Kuningan area, Southern Jakarta. Based on target and concept, Kuningan City positioned it self as and ideal meeting point for business, leisure and perfect lifestyle playground  for young professionals. Very Y. setiady said that the main objective of this event not necessarily about entertainments and celebration, but it’s also to create public awareness of image Kuningan City as Lifestyle Playground for urban living people.

Kuningan City the new icon of urban lifestyle playground.


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