Mahadewi Success So Trendsetter

Mahadewi (Popular,2008)

Mahadewi is a band duo from Indonesia whose members Shinta Dewi (Tata) and Purie Andriani (Purie). This group under the auspices of Republik Cinta Management is led by the musicians of the top, Ahmad Dhani.

The Album of Mahadewi that was entitled Recycle this was filled up by the section’s three girls, Purie, Tata, and Carolina (Ina) that offered voice sexiness and the body of the three members.
Nevertheless, Ahmad Dhani as their leader worked on him with often filled up songs hits the Dewa 19 that indeed has been good to be heard, like Roman Picisan, Separuh Nafas, Kasidah Cinta and still many others.

Mahadewi (Popular,2008)

Mahadewi, had never even get the award in the field of music. But in matters of appearance, they went on to become trendsetters. The proof, they both managed to bring home the trophy Johnny Andrean Award 2010

Mahadewi (Popular,2008)

Tata and purie was chosen as winner for “The Best Performance Female Group / Band / Duo”. They managed to beat the couple’s unique Maia Estianty-Mei Chan joined in Duo Maia and the group The Virgin.

Mahadewi (Popular,2008)

Good Tata and puri did not deny pay close attention to appearance, as well as makeup and hair. No wonder if in every appearance on stage, they always managed to steal the attention of the audience.












Photo Copyright at POPULAR Magazine, Indonesia.

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