Libyan Rebels Capture Key Oil Towns

Rebels surged westward along Libya’s coast on Sunday, seizing three more key towns and capitalizing on their new momentum after more than a week of airstrikes by an international coalition.

Libyan Rebels ( The Guardian, UK)

U.S. officials were cautiously optimistic about the reversal of fortunes for the rebels. President Obama is scheduled to address the nation Monday night, and officials said he will be able to show that the operation is starting to achieve its goals. Obama has faced mounting criticism from some lawmakers, who fear that the United States could get bogged down in a foreign intervention without a clear objective.

Although the rebels have seized the initiative in eastern Libya, they still face formidable obstacles, analysts warned. Senior U.S. officials said Sunday that Moammar Gaddafi’s 41-year-long rule could end with the implosion of his regime or a negotiated settlement rather than an outright rebel victory.(The Guardian,UK)


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