Krish Dhanam : Sales is a Process

Krish Dhanam
Krish Dhanam

Jakarta, 07 October 2009. – Located at Hotel Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, held a day seminar with the theme “Managing The Sales Process”. This seminar directly guided by Krish Dhanam, which is a first-class speakers from Ziglar Worldwide, the United States.
In this seminar, Krish Dharnam reaffirms that the sale is a process, not an event. Krish Dharman also author of “The American Dream from an Indian Heart” is a student of Zig Ziglar U.S. a great motivator as well and eventually became colleagues at Zig Inc..
Often, sales seoarang become frustrated because they were expecting the end of a sales process, but they actually still in the midst of the process, he added.
Seminar ini diharapkan membuat para pesertanya bisa mengimplementasikan proses penjualan yang lebih logis, dengan berorientasi pada hasil. A series of questions in this seminar module is expected to really impact the sales techniques. Included in this are techniques to determine actual needs and desires of customers or clients. Other skills that can be is the ability to manage and overcome resistance with a more professional attitude and convincing. Diujungnya, expected the sellers can sell more and more often.
In a sales plan, Krish Dhanam said that with the behavior plan, prepared with the skills, participate in the ministry, accepting with gratitude and make it different from the others.
In a paper delivered, Krish very unusual with great concepts. This is expected to bring positive influence to some participants of the seminar which is a hundred.
The event was organized by Mileage Communications Indonesia, Choice Management Consultant and Imperium training. (CWT)


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